Meetings & Speakers

We are an active and vibrant club in the community. At our meetings, we host speakers from the local area and beyond to share information about organizations, events, and other interesting topics. Newcomers and visitors are welcome to join us at our meetings. We'd love to have you!

Date Type Title
03/22/2018 Meeting

Tekla Dennison Miller is a former prison warden who managed two prisons simultaneously (a men's maximum and a multi-level women's) outside Detroit, Michigan. Her published memoir, The Warden Wore...

03/26/2018 Meeting
03/29/2018 Meeting
04/05/2018 Meeting
04/12/2018 Meeting

Tina Gallegos with Mercy Hospice

04/19/2018 Meeting

Executive Director, Durango Business Improvement District - North Main Discussion

04/22/2018 Event

Join us at the FLC Softball game!

04/26/2018 Meeting

Mary Monroe with Trails 2000

04/30/2018 Meeting
05/03/2018 Meeting